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Home delivery, hotel, accommodation

Send us your location and we will deliver your scooter or motorcycle to your door.

Airport delivery 24/7

Delivery of motorbikes and scooters to the airport must be reserved online. Or free shuttle service from airport

The best price of the market

The best online price of the market without hidden costs, 10% discount with online bokings.

All included

2 helmets, locker, top case, insurance and unlimited mileage.

Road assistance 24/7

Road assistance 24/7, fully comprehensive insurance, tire puncture included.

Mister Scooter

The best prices, with all accessories included and free transfer from the airport!

We have a great offer on 50cc, 125cc, 300cc scooters and 650cc, 950cc motorcycles…

Fully comprehensive insurance

When reserving your scooter you have basic insurance included in our rates. We offer 2 fully comprehensive insurances, with reduced excess o no excess at all. You can establish it when you book the scooter.

More informations here.

Delivery scooters & motorcycles airport

Book online for the delivery/return of the motorcycle or scooter at the Majorca airport, at home or at the hotel.

If you arrive outside business hours, night, holiday, early, you will find the comments box on the reservation form.

Inform us in the reservation form the times and dates, we will send you an email to request the list of documents necessary for delivery 24/7.

Book online 24/7

Very easy, fill in the form with all your information, email, telephone, and we will send you a confirmation of the reservation.

Arrive late or outside business hours, we have a solution for you!

Even if the times do not coincide, choose the closest one and write us the arrival/departure times in the reservation form.

Free shuttle service from the airport

You can choose the free transfer from your arrival at Mallorca airport monday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Read the conditions in the airport motorcycle rental section to find out how it works and to easily find the transfer vehicle.

Rent a scooter in Mallorca

10% discount for online orders included!

Covid-19 hygiene measures

Mister Scooter puts priority on clients' safety. Due to the current pandemic, we increased our cleaning process on scooters and helmets. We also have hygiene caps available in our stores.

All included, no surprise

Mister Scooter is the leader company for high quality services, economical prices and fully equipped scooters with their free accessories (2 helmets, topcase, locker), road assistance and unlimited mileage.

Find Mister Scooter

Mister Scooter

C/ de Manacor, 123, Palma de Mallorca

Mister Scooter center (Plaza de España)

C/ del 31 de desembre, 3, Palma de Mallorca

Mister Scooter (airport)

Outside parking, 4th floor. Palma de Mallorca's airport

Motorbike and scooter rental in Palma de Mallorca

We are a company specialized in motorbike rental in Mallorca. When it comes to a place as spectacular as this island is, you have to do everything possible to be able to discover it in its entirety, enjoying every wonderful corner that lies ahead of you. Mallorca is a true paradise, so do everything in your power not to leave nothing without seeing. The best option to be able to do this is to choose the moto rental in Mallorca that we have for you. We give you the best conditions.

Entregas en Aeropuerto de Palma

Entrega de scooters en el aeropuerto y traslado de clientes

Entrega en domicilio y hotel

Indícanos tu dirección y te entregamos tu scooter en la puerta

Enjoy your holidays in Mallorca

Choose us for scooter hire in Palma de Mallorca

We work with different customer profiles and we adapt perfectly to each one. If we can do this, it is because we have a great team of professionals and because we offer a personalized treatment from the first moment. So we are able to know what you are looking for and we give you the perfect answer. Anything you want to know about us, you just have to get in touch and I’m sure we can answer all your questions.

What we are clear about is that we have everything you need for you to choose us for scooter hire in Palma. We put at your disposal a wide range of motorcycles different powers so you can choose the one that suits you best. The best of everything is that our service is perfectly adapted to you so that you only have to Worry about staying with everything that Mallorca can give you.

Hire our service and you will be able to pick up and leave your motorcycle at the point that best suits you. This is how we achieve that everyone can have the transport with which to enjoy the most of their holidays. Surely you are already imagining yourself with the headwind, the sun and some landscapes around that will captivate you. The motorbike rental in Palma that we put at your Layout has everything you’re looking for.

Choose the best motorbike hire in Mallorca!