Comprehensive insurance at the best price

Comprehensive insurance at the best price
At Mister Scooter we optionally offer you the best insurance with a reduced deductible for your motorcycle in Mallorca. We offer two insurance options, the mandatory one, which is third-party insurance, and the optional additional insurance for only €10/day with an deductible. up to €200 in case of damage only for 125cc scooters so that your vacation is the most pleasant and you can circulate calmly with total freedom.

Remember that automatically when you reserve your motorcycle rental with Mister Scooter you have third-party insurance included in your reservation, in addition to all the free accessories such as the two helmets, the trunk, the high-security handlebar lock, preventing any theft.

CONFORT insurance - € 10 / da

Deposit only by visa/Mastercard card

Full Comprehensive insurance