Rent electric scooter in Mallorca.

Electric scooter hire by day, weekly or monthly.

Misterscooter offers their new electric scooter rental service in Palma de Mallorca, by the hour, day, week o for months. Ideal to take a ride along the beach, if you are here to work or holiday the electric scooter will be your loyal friend. There are no fuel cost, easy to store, lighter and more compact tan a bicycle, all our models are fold easily. Another of the innumerable advantages are that you can take an electric scooter on public transport. There is no need to spend great sums of money to move around Mallorca, renting an electric scooter has the solution to your mobility.

Rates electric scooter hire

1 hour 4,90€ 

2 hours 9,90€ 

4 hours 15,00€

6 hours 20,00€

Rates for days

1 day 25€

2 days 48€

3 days 79€

4 days 99€

5 days 110€

6 days 129€

7 days 139€

10 days 159€

2 weeks 199€

1 month 250€

Delivery and collection free from your address, hotels for a minimal 24 h rental

Move around the city without contaminating

Reduced cost at prices without competition

Rental service for customers, charger included

Mínimum 24 Hr reservation to confirm availabilty

150 € deposit and credit card number

Obligatory head protection included in the rental

Security lock (optional)

The person who takes out the rental of the electric scooter must present form of ID a DNI, NIE or PASSPORT with a bankers card. The rental service of the electric scooter is for one person only and must not be used by more than one person. It is prohibited by law to leave the scooter parked on a public walkway where it can obstruct the pass of the public, vehicles or block building entrances or other access points, in case of a fine being imposed the client has the sole resposibility and will be obliged to pay the costs. In case of damages to third parties the only person responsible will be the user of the scooter and should respond with the appropriate damages and third party insurance cover.

Conditions for use our electric scooter minimal 18 years, must have knowledge, balance, In case you are not trained, you Will not be rented and a 10€ fee Will be charged.